Wednesday, March 15, 2006

6 Jobs That Won't Exist in 2016, ala FastCompany

Fast Company's 6 Jobs that won't exist in 2016 (FC's comments are in black):

TV schedulers, A&R guys, Wall Street researchers, cool hunters. As punishment, now it's our turn to ram stuff down your throats. Hope you like Bon Jovi!

- if so, Maureen's job will be much easier in 2016.

Pay someone to write snarky comments? Do you think we're getting paid for this?

- well, yeah, I'm not either, but I guess they don't
know the Scobleizer

Advertising creatives
Talented amateurs making ads for fun and posting them online seem to be better at your job than you are. Bonus: No more "whither the 30-second spot" whining.

- actually, this will be taken over by the bloggers

Auto mechanics
As cars run on software, the grease monkey will need a makeover.

- wrong, the smart auto mechanics will all be blogging
about auto repair...for $$

U.S. high-tech jobs
But software engineers can always get a job down at the garage.

- or, they can serve as technical advisors to
the blogging Scobleizer

Indian call-center operators

American customer service is rescued from oxymoron status as companies realize that being nice to the people with the money is the only way to win.

- I think Gautam would beg to differ

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