Thursday, March 16, 2006

5 Questions with Kristen Kunath!

T-Mobile, Recruiter I

Kristen can never take a sick day! I’m serious!! I don’t know what I would do without this woman!

When I first came on board back in early September 2005, my boss at the time told me, “Kristen Kunath will train you….she’s good!” She was right! Kristen has showed me the ropes around here and almost 7 months later is still my “go-to” girl if I have any questions. Thank goodness for AOL Instant Messenger! I “IM” Kristen several times a day with questions. And you know what? She always has time to answer them. Kristen is definitely someone that I respect and admire.

So before we move on with our 5 questions, here is a brief bio of our very own, Kristen Kunath!

Kristen came to T-Mobile right out of college. She had previously interned in Human Resources and realized that it wasn’t the direction she wanted to go at that time in her life. But, she knew she didn’t want to completely abandon it. Kristen did what many of our candidates do and threw her resume up on Monster to see what kind of hits it would get. In no time she got a call from T-Mobile Recruiting for their open Recruiting Assistant role. Kristen thought about what a great experience it would be and knew it would really give her a shot to learn if recruiting was the path she wanted to follow. After 7 months of being a Recruiting Assistant, Kristen was given the chance to take on some sourcing and screening responsibilities. With that under her belt, Kristen took on intern positions, which was very exciting for her. Now, Kristen has moved into a Recruiter I role and is responsible for her own handful of requisitions. Kristen said the best part of her T-Mobile experience hands down is the people she works with. In Kristen’s’ words, “Everyone is so open and ready to help- not to mention they’re a pretty fun bunch too!”

I agree, Kristen!

Please join me in welcoming Miss Kristen Kunath!

1. Talk about the most important thing you learned this year.
Where to start? There are so many things I’ve learned and so much I have left to learn. When I look back over the past year I can say it’s been one big learning experience. I made the transition from a talent scout where I focused mainly on sourcing and screening into a role where I am now handling my own requisitions. I guess the most important thing I’ve learned this year is to always ask questions. Whether it be of my mentors, hiring managers, peers, candidates; everyone has such a wealth of information and the only way to share that is by asking!

2. What is a motto you try to live by?
I guess you could say my motto is a work in progress. I love collecting quotes and every time I find a new one I try to remember it and apply it. I’m also constantly amazed and in awe of the people in my life and their love, passion, and courage. With that said it would appear my motto is ever changing and evolving based on various influences in my life. I guess I would have to say watch and observe the things around you and learn from them.

3. What do you like most about yourself?
I’ve always had a hard time with this question growing up. I’m very hard on myself and usually pick out the negatives before I see any of the positives. I’ve worked on that over the years and have tried to appreciate myself more. One thing that I’ve learned and now love about myself is how I can go from goofing around like a 2 year old and laughing over nothing one minute to being a very mature adult the next. The whole adult thing doesn’t last too long though- guess you could say I’m young at heart and very easily amused and entertained.

4. What do you like about what you do?
The thing I love most about what I do is working with candidates at a very stressful time in their life. When you consider that they’re making potentially life changing decisions and you’re a part of that process everyday, it’s really quite powerful. To talk with them and find out what they’re looking for and then working to find the right match means a lot to me. It gets challenging and frustrating at times of course but I always try to remind myself what I’m doing in the larger picture and that usually refuels me to keep on going.

5. Name three adjectives that best describe you:
I’m not one with words usually. But if I had to pick three words to best describe me I guess I would have to say: perfectionist (with a capital P!), easily amused, and I’m a dreamer.

Thanks Kristen! You Rock!!


Dennis Smith said...

We are lucky to have you on the T-Mobile Recruiting team, Kristen!

Welcome to the blogosphere!


Anonymous said...

Stumbled upon this page while searching randomly for T-Mobile .. We've all spoken with Kristen at some point in the last year over the phone whenever there is something related to HR that we need clarifications on .. never actually happened to meet her though.
Thanks and keep up the great work !

Rohan W