Thursday, February 16, 2006

The Virtual Handshake - download for free

I just downloaded my free version of The Virtual Handshake. Before I sit and read a book (in this case, eBook), I have to skim. In fact, I confess that I'm a "last page reader" kinda guy.

However, I didn't skim too far before I found myself shifting in my chair knowing that I was getting in to some good schtuff (in fact, I've yet to get to the last page).

I'm likin' page six. I won't divulge the entire contents of the page, but they (David Teten/Scott Allen) provide some quick bullets regarding networking (Seven Keys to creating and maintaining a powerful network).

The authors evangelize the power and importance of one's network - "one's network equal one's success" (a high level of social capital is critical for your professional and personal success).

Do you agree?

I think so - but I'm still going to dig in to the remaining 259 pages tonight (in between Olympic commercial breaks).

Dennis, talentblogger

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