Wednesday, February 15, 2006

So if we posted a job for a "Giraffe" would we say, "So, when's the last time you rode a human?"

I am not a fan of the long blog-post (altho I do, on occasion, wax on longer than I should) . I find myself skimming if it's too long - and I just think everyone else is probably like me.

But Heather posted a longer than normal rant about 'job descriptions," and I liked it. Not much surprise - Heather has a large audience clicking their merry way to her blog each day. "If you build it they will come" works well in this situation because Heather consistently puts up thoughtful work.

I do happen to be a fan of the job description that starts with a question (#1), but it's mostly based on the fact that I think people skim job descriptions in the same way they skim blogs. I don't allow the job description to completely define the company, in the same way that I don't define the candidate by the very first thing that comes out of his/her mouth (usually driven more by nerves than knowledge).

Having said that, I concede that if a job desc (JD) is really bad (and what's up with the misspelled words in the job titles?!), I lose interest quickly. If they didn't care enough to craft a compelling JD, then they probably do not share the same value as I for the hiring process.

There are JD's that start with a question and compel me to action. Others do not start with a question, yet still compel me to read further. But for the most part, the intro to most JD's doesn't matter because universally they share one common trait - they stink.

However, I'm considering accepting Heather's challenge by starting a job description with a question about a giraffe. But I wonder, would anybody even notice (the dreadful skimmers that they are!).

Ok, now I'm going long.....

Dennis, talentblogger

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Anonymous said...

OK, seriously. Seriously! Give me a good example of a JD that opens with a question (giraffes not involved). Seriously : )