Wednesday, February 01, 2006

HR and Recruiting Blogs worth visiting, circa Feb 2005

I love this kind of stuff. Canadian Headhunter reminded us today about Sumser's post from Feb 2005 where he noted the best 20 or so new blogs worth reading.

Can-Head, I'd love to know exactly how many of the 20 are still going strong. Obviously, is still fleshing it out every day in the blogtrenches with no signs of slowing. How 'bout the other 19? Actually, how 'bout the other 18? I say that because three months after Sumser's article came out, OnTalent ceased all posting activity (of which you've blogged about in the past).

If most are still active, I would not surprised.

According to Technorati #'s from October 2005, there are approximately 70,000 blogs created daily. Of those, 55% are still posting 3 months later. 13% of all blogs update weekly (or more).

Not bad for a fad, eh?

Wonder how things will look in Feb 2006?


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