Thursday, February 16, 2006

Career advice from Google's VP of Global Online Sales & Operations

Jason Goldberg consistently provides interesting posts about interesting people - the kind of folks you'd like to sit with at Starbucks , Latte' in hand, and pick their brain for an hour.

Yesterday, it was Sheryl Sandberg, Google's VP of Online Sales and Operations offering up career advice.

Here's something she's passing on from Eric Schmidt, Google's CEO:

"The most important thing to get right when selecting a job is how quickly the company is growing. Growth creates numerous opportunities for anyone who is contributing to the company's success, whereas when companies stop growing, the careers of everyone, including very talented people, face severe challenges."

Good schtuff.

Google is growing and has a lot of opportunties - everybody knows that.

However, if your resume happens to get lost in a black hole somewhere, feel free to send it my way (no offense to my buddies at Google, who would never intentionally misplace or lose a talented candidate) :)

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