Monday, February 13, 2006

7 in 10 College Grads turn to job sites 'bout some love for the blogs?

Joel posted some interesting facts from a MediaPost survey about college grads and where they are going 'online' to look for jobs. The usual suspects - Monster, of course. Then CBuilder and Hotjobs.

I'm not surprised, but with the rise in blogs associated with companies like T-Mobile, Microsoft (not to purposely overlook the other 700+ Micro bloggers), Impinj (altho dormant since December), IBM (Josh Staiger, one among many), ThinkEquity , etc., I think college campuses would do well to offer up classes that teach blog-savvy students how to find recruiting bloggers within the ranks of top employers.

No doubt I'm biased, but if I want to find out the scuttle-butt on an employer, I'm going to their blog.

If I'm a college graduate, I want to find a way to differentiate myself from the rest of the college grads posting their resume to a job site. I want a short-cut...a convenience that gives me direct access to an employer.

Hugh Hewitt said, "The education and attention of consumers is up for grabs."

I'd like to think the same holds true for job-seekers.

So I keep blogging.

Dennis Smith
Recruiting Manager
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