Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Venti-sized Customer Service (from an extraordinary Barista)

I've been to every Starbucks between Dallas, TX and Seattle, WA. That might be an exaggeration - ok, well, I've been to all of the stores in Plano, TX. My Starbucks experiences have always been "thumbs up." Great smell - friendly Baristas - fast service - hot coffee. No complaints.

Recently, I visited the Starbucks at the corner of Custer Rd. & 15th, in Plano, TX for my regular: Venti Cappuccino. The Barista making the drinks, Matthew, hears me place the order and he says...

Awww....Cappucinno...I make the best Cappucinno's in Dallas!
At that moment, I was proud of my order (I know that sounds stupid, but roll with me). And, although his comment might have been calculated, I didn't care. It was my order - my Cappuccino - and the guy that makes the best Cappuccino in Dallas was about to froth the milk in my honor.

Here's to the Master Barista "Matthew," at Custer Rd. & 15th Plano, TX. I'm sure you say that to all of your customers, but it's exactly what I needed to hear.

You weren't put off by the long line of customers waiting for their fix. Instead, you let me know that it was your priviledge to make my drink.

Recruiting-family, take note:

People (customers, clients, etc) know when they are the recipients of excellent customer service. And it feels good.

Long live Venti-Sized Customer Service.

Dennis, the t-blogger

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