Tuesday, January 24, 2006

T-Mobile MDA vs. SDA ... tight

It's great to see the folks at engadget talking up the pending release of our mda and sda phones.

I've overused the word "cool" in my recent posts, but it's difficult to blog about these phones and not use the word cool...hmmm, what's better than cool? Well, my 11-year old would call it tight, so I guess I'll stick with that for today.

Yep, the mda and sda are...tight.

The only thing tighter than having a t-mobile mda/sda?

Working here.

Dennis Smith

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The MDA is a much better phone then the Sidekick II. Its true that the mda is more of a palmtop computer then a phone, Thats why I love it so much.

I created a website about hacking / modifying / tweaking the MDA, http://www.mdaTweak.com