Tuesday, January 31, 2006

T-Mobile Earns Wal-Mart Vendor of the Year Award

Homer alert! Please know that this is a shameless infomercial for the company that is near and dear to my heart...as well as my checkbook.

T-Mobile has been recognized as the Wal-Mart Vendor of the Year for 2005.

T-Mobile was one of only 31 companies chosen from a group of 21,000 that sell their products and services in Wal-Mart stores.

Doug Chartier, VP National Retail and Partner Sales, expressed his thanks to the National Retail teams who made earning this award a reality, “Many companies wait a lifetime to earn this prestigious award and many will never see it. The award is more than being a great partner with Wal-Mart; it signifies a joint effort, here at T-Mobile, to come together, cross-functionally, to exceed the customers’ expectations within the largest retailer in the world.”

This is hot off the press so there is no official link pointing you to the press release. It should hit our homepage within a day or so.


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