Wednesday, January 04, 2006

RF Engineer & WiFi Gurus: The Eyes of Texas, uh, T-Mo Are Upon You

Seeing how I'm in my new role as a recruiting manager in T-Mobile's WiFi & Engineering Ops division, the title of this post is a great lead-in for what I'm going to be doing in the coming days.

Yes, consider this a shout-out to the top-notch WiFi and RF Engineering gurus in the wireless biz: The Eyes of Texas Are Upon You.

And...seeing how we've waited with great anticipation for tonight's Rose Bowl event, consider this post a shout-out to all my unnamed USC buddies.

In the 4th quarter, when you've resigned yourself to the fact that Texas is going to win, remember to ease the pain by singing the lyrics (below), to this music:

The Eyes of Texas are upon you,All the live long day.
The Eyes of Texas are upon you,You can not get away.
Do not think you can escape them
At night or early in the morn-
The Eyes of Texas are upon you
'Till Gabriel blows his horn.

Music and lyrics courtesy of The Real Ugly American.

Something I hope I'm not being (ugly) at this moment.

Go 'Horns, beat Trojans,
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