Friday, January 27, 2006

Man (candidate) of Steel: Truth, Justice, and the American Resume?

Most of you would never happen upon this story. So I'm lifting it from page 19B of the Dallas Morning News, dated Jan. 27, 2006.

His name: Mauricio Aguirre Orcutt.
His crime: Deception ... lies ... manipulation.

Orcutt was sentenced to nearly five years in federal prison on Thursday for a web of lies that included forging a thank-you note from President Bush to trick a magazine publisher into giving him rare high-dollar fountain pens.

Here's the part I really like -

At the time of his April indictment, Mr. Orcutt was a dean with the Dallas Community College District, but the Harvard University transcript he used to get the job was bogus.

Orcutt's actions are a strong reminder to all job-seekers - do whatever you can to keep Bill & Ted's favorite word (noted-above) from representing your resume.

Stick to truth - it will never come back to haunt you.

And, yes, I do know that it's a two-way street. And, yes, I know how some people feel about recruiters and the misrepresentation of truth.

So while I'm preachin, let me say....there is still a strong lot of us in the recruiting world committed to "truth." It behooves us to represent our organization - the job opportunity - the growth/development opportunities - in a forthright manner. Company reputations, as well as individual reputations, are at stake. And I'm not sure there's a more appropriate word for our times than ... integrity.

So there it is; we've both got skin in the game.

Now, let's emulate Clark Kent's commitment to truth & justice. The part about living the double-life...well, we'll leave that one alone.


Dennis, the t-blogger

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