Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Are Blogs Good Business?

Denise Wakeman, at, just pointed me in the direction of a Yahoo press release detailing the results of the "Business Case For Blogging" survey by Write2Market.

Survey results show that over half of business bloggers report closing sales through leads they receive through their blog (hello?!). The article refers to the results as "surprising." Hmmm.

Here's what else they showed:
  1. Over 1/2 of business blogging respondents report closing sales through leads they obtained solely through their blog.
  2. Over 70% report receiving qualified leads regularly through their blog.
  3. Over 20% report receiving more than 20% of their biz leads overall through their blog.
Isn't this why we blog? T-Bloggers are intentional in their blogging. We blog to create dialogue with top-notch RF Engineers - Field Technicians - Project Manager - Marketing Managers - Network Specialists.....the list goes on. Should we be surprised if a segment of our best hires is directly related to our blog efforts? Not if it's part of our game plan.

If you are interested in taking the Blog survey - click here

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