Friday, December 09, 2005

When it comes to recruiting, a picture is worth a thousand words

Lou Adler's
article today on ERExchange is terrific...check it out here.

Here's a quick excerpt:

" talent must drive the hiring process. If you want to hire more top people, then every aspect of the hiring process must be in a subordinate position to this objective.
This includes some of the following:

Ads must be compelling and excite the best to apply rather than excluding
the worst from applying. This is a huge shift in perspective.
To pull this off, your jobs must be much easier to find.

Don't assume that passive candidates don't read your ads. Even referred
candidates look at these ads before applying, so they are important. Equally
important, you need exciting copy to send to those potential candidates
you've direct-sourced either via Internet data-mining or using

Make sure your whole interviewing and hiring experience is designed to
"wow" a top person. This means it must be professional, engaging, and challenging.
If great people aren't referring other great people as a result of the experience,
you need to improve your current process."

Yep, he even references three of my favorite recruiting tools: Jobster, LinkedIn, and ZoomInfo.

According to Lou, the article is exactly 1,000 words long - do yourself a favor and read all 1,000.

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