Friday, December 30, 2005

What's in your Dirty Clothes Hamper?

I love competition.

I also like to win. It's just more fun.

And since Talentism took home's Best Blog of 2005 Award, I've been searching far and wide to find a category for which I could take home the grand prize - the big kahuna. C'mon, I can't end 2005 on such a low note!

Well, I think I finally found it. As of today, Friday, December 30th, I am herewith announcing the Masked-Blogger as the self-proclaimed grand-prize winner of the world's...

..."Messiest Dirty-Clothes Hamper!"

You heard me right; messiest dirty-clothes hamper. Am I proud? Darn tootin'. Would my wife be embarrassed to read this post? Without question.

Let me describe for you the details of the attached picture, assuring you that I've not altered the original state of the pic via PhotoShop. I do not condone cheating. In the famous "revised" words of George Feneman (narrator for Dragnet):

"Ladies and gentlemen, the story (picture) you are about to see is true. Only the
names (dirty underwear) have been changed (removed) to protect the innocent.
This is my home. Plano, TX. I work (live) here... I'm a cop (recruiter)."

The contents of the hamper include a...

- Game (Catch-Phrase) that was purchased as a Christmas present for my brother...Christmas 2004, that is.

- Used paint roller

- A roll-up mat for changing diapers

- Empty box from a Bernzomatic Torch Kit

- Buzz Light-year toy

- Used bathtub faucet fixture

- Plastic bag from the "Renaissance Marriott"

- and finally, an empty laptop bag (difficult to see...leaning against right side of wall)

Now, would anybody care to dispute my victory, or shall I plan on wearing (no pun intended) the victor's crown with pride (shame)?

Don't worry, I'm getting counseling in '06.

~ Happy New Year

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