Monday, December 19, 2005

What you can get fired for these days...

From FastCompany, November 2005 edition:

What you can get fired for these days...

Getting into an escalating email fight over a missing sandwich, as two Australian secretaries at a law firm did. The exchange ended up being distributed to most of the staff and ultimately posted online. . . . (I hope it was a good sandwich)

A writer for World Wrestling Entertainment reputedly lost his job after criticizing the fighting skills of two women wrestlers. . . . (Duh! How could anyone question the fighting skills associated with the WWF?)

The California Third District Court of Appeal upheld the firing of a systems administrator at a Sacramento telco for failing a drug test even though he was using doctor-sanctioned medical marijuana. . . . (Dr. Timothy Leary, I presume)

A developer at a mortgage company was canned after taking a leftover piece of pizza from a different team's potluck without permission. No word on whether it was pepperoni or anchovy. . . . (another Les Miserables in the making)

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