Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Jobster ... it's not just for recruiters

Couple 'a days ago, I did a search on Jobster, Indeed, and SimplyHired for RF Engineers in Plano, TX. Here's something I noticed....two of the searches were littered with ads. Maybe we're so inundated with ad clutter that most of us just look past it; but it drives me crazy (please sell crazy somewhere else, we're all stocked up here).

When I'm looking for a job, I want to see search results - not crazy.

Jobster was ad free - only one of the three.

Here's a few more Jobster-hot-off-the-press features I learned about this morning:

Jobster Referral Finder:

the "jobster referral finder" provides quick access to referral opportunities. I did a search this morning on recruiting jobs in Plano, TX and it brought up 157 jobs. With a click of the "referral jobs" button, it instantly brought up specific jobs that I can connect to with just a click of the "Get Referred" button.


One of the referral jobs was a Recruiting Leader with Starbucks. I clicked the job and up popped an overview along with these words:

"Congratulations, you already have been referred to this company.
When you inquire about this job your referral will be sent
directly to the hiring team."

I'm a big SBUX fan, so a few months ago, I used my Jobster connection to get referred to their hiring team. As a result, if I apply for this job my referral will be sent directly to the hiring team. Yep, that's as cool as an Eggnog Frappuccino.

Quick wrap on two other features:

jobster live
see live job searches as they happen (no way....yes waaay)

jobster mobile - (currently in beta)
the first job search service optimized for mobile devices. Allows you to use your cellphone to search for jobs from all over the web based on keyword and location. You can subscribe to alerts for jobs matching your preferences, delivered to your PC or directly to your email-enabled phone. Linked pages from job sites are automatically reformatted to fit your mobile screen.

Sounds like an rerun of a McDonald's commercial, but "I'm lovin' it."

My jobster talent network: click here to join


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