Saturday, December 31, 2005

Farwell to '05, Texas - style

Now that's a beautiful Texas sunset. The perfect backdrop for bidding 2005 adieu.

With great anticipation, I welcome 2006; knowing that "the most important place on earth," our home, will be filled with enough smiles, joys, successes, tears, love, and blogs, to fill a state the size of Texas.

That's what happens when you get 5 awesome children + 1 remarkably talented & beautiful Wife/Mother + 1 Dad smart enough to know that he doesn't know everything + 1 big, fun-lovin' Yellow Lab (Buster) + 1 loyal and courageous Schnoodle (Cowboy) + 1 disinterested alley cat (Jack) ... all under one roof.

I also look forward to spending '06 with my new family at T-Mobile. May we recruit like warriors and serve our customers with greatness.

Here's to 2005 and the lessons awaiting us in the New Year.

Let's lean in ... and learn.



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