Wednesday, September 07, 2005

FEMA Job Opportunities

Subject: FEMA opportunities

FEMA's calling. If you are interested in working in Louisiana or Mississippi, this may be an opportunity for you.

Here's what they are looking for: degreed engineers: particularly civil and construction engineers, surveyors, building inspectors, estimators, and retired police officers.

The minimal commitment is 60 days. It could last 6 months. (My guess: 6 years [serious]) You might get home once a month for a weekend.

My contact would not commit to a pay level, depends upon experience and qualifications. The hourly rate is ok, (north of $25, but probably much higher for people with these skills) but when you multiply it by 60-80, it adds up quickly. Plus car and living expenses. There are no benefits, e.g., health, disability, etc.

It will be brutally hard work-long hours (12 hrs/per day, 7 days a week at the beginning), tough working conditions. You'll be housed in probably a distant hotel, office in an abandoned office/retail store and work in a cubicle, and drive to your assigned area/city/county.

You'll probably be part of a team that is helping create the necessary paperwork for local entities, mostly government/public, get Federal funds to rebuild/repair, e.g., utilities, hospitals,
roads, sanitation, debris removal etc.

My contact is with an engineering firm in Virginia called ATCS: Bryan Ply. His phone number is: 703-273-0028 x 248. Email your resume to: if you are interested.

You can go on FEMA's web site ( and there are some tests and training there that would give you a leg up if you don't have any of these skills. Maybe somebody who's done this can chime in and give more complete info on this.

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