Friday, August 26, 2005

The Wireless Zen Master - Craig McCaw or Yoda?

Since I'm in the business of recruiting folks in to the wonderful world of wireless, I noted Om Malik's lil' diddy today on Craig McCaw - the wireless wizard (or as Om calls him, "the wireless zen master").

Having worked at a company (AT&T Wireless) which Craig built (originally McCaw Communications), I'm never surprised that this guy always has his hands in things that turn to gold (XO Comm's aside).

Be on the lookout for Clearwire - they could be coming soon to a city near you. And, they could be a great place to work (if the Wizard has anything to do with it).

Now, here's the part where I face north, throw salt over my left shoulder, bow three times and slowly chant, "Go Craig, Go Craig, Go Craig....."

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