Monday, August 15, 2005

Management Simulations, Inc.

I don't typically do commercials, but I'm breakin' out of the box today.

With 35 of my corporate peers, I recently attended a week-long leadership training course. Assuming it was your standard training schtuff, I wasn't too jazzed about being out of the office for the entire week. Turns out, this wasn't your typical training class.

Craig Watters, Ph.D., CEO, of Management Simulations, Inc. served as our Business Coach throughout our week-long training - and I'll go on record as saying, outside of business school, it's the best corporate-sponsored training I've ever seen. It was made even better because, Craig, if not for his love of business, would probably be a successful stand-up in NY...this guy is a riot.

Check out their site here - everything you need to know about MSI.

Here's what we did - over a course of 5 days, we developed our business skills through a series of focused workshops and briefings while running a complex, multi-million dollar virtual company. Each person on our team got hands-on experience making management decisions, while receiving individual and group feedback from our Business Coach.

Was the investment worth it? I guess the proof will rear it's head over the next few months. But, I can say this - each of the 35 participants agreed with me and would jump at the chance to do it again.

MSI's training is highly-sought after by the likes of some very big & successful companies. Therefore, I can assure you they do not need my endorsement. But hey, it makes me feel important to throw out my own personalized mini-infomercial, so here goes......

Management Simulations, Inc. gets "two thumbs up!

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