Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Hello, yes, I need the phone number for Nokia, Ericsson, Kyocera, Motorola, Lucent, and Nortel...any city...any state...CDMA and GSM.

"Uh, yes operator, I need a telephone number for the most talented engineers that have wireless handset and/or infrastructure experience?"

"Right, we need a few Senior Engineers who really want to be known as the best & baddest Software Developers on the planet. Yep, they'll be in our wireless terminals lab."

"And, uh, we're also scouting out Staff RF Engineers to develop mixed signal and digital signal processing circuits and algorithms for high dynamic range wireless transceiver applications. Right, they'll be in our wireless systems lab."

"Well, sure, we've got a few more....our Marketing Department is looking for some folks to lead the way in Atlanta, Seattle, and Overland Park as Sr. Corporate Marketing Managers."

"And....our Product Development team is on the hunt for GSM Project Managers, Product Line Managers, and Terminal Performance Engineers."

"Hey, don't forget the Sales folks - we're looking for killer Sales instincts in California as well."

"What's that?" Oh, you can't give me their direct line? No sweat, just have them shoot me an email:
I can guarantee that within 5 minutes of receiving their resume, it will be in the hands of the best "wireless" recruiting team in the nation.

Haven't figured out who we are yet? Then you must not have received a Jobster campaign in your email inbox. Give it will.

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