Monday, August 22, 2005

Developing a Strategic Recruiting Mindset

Blog-alert....this is not an easy, fun read. It is, rather, a quick way to evaluate your current strengths as a strategic thinker. Answer "yes" or "no" to the following questions and take the time to reflect on where you currently stand:

*Do you anticipate others' concerns?

*Do you strategize ways to get your ideas accepted?

*Do you periodically assess your team's contribution to achieving corporate goals?

*Do you and your staff brainstorm new ideas that could help the organization achieve competitive success?

*Are you up-to-date on new developments or activities (ex., new markets, cost-saving measures, etc.) occuring in other parts of your organization, as well as in your own?

*Are you aware of the latest trends in your industry?

*Can you list your major competitors' strengths and weaknesses?

*Are you familiar with what customers (internal and external) need and want in terms of products or services?

Ok, the questions could go on and on. Most of the time, we peruse this kind of stuff, but we don't take the time to "think" about what it really means.

Do your customers a favor...think about this. It could mean the difference between a green flag and a red flag at years' end when your customer is completing a "Recruiting Satisfaction Survey." And, it could make a big difference in your career.

More later on why this matters.

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