Saturday, June 04, 2005

"We keep you alive to service this ship. Row well and live."
– quote from Ben Hur

Statistics show that the average American receives eight birthday cards and four gifts a year. This means that most of us are happy at least 12 days a year – what about the other 353 days?

Recent surveys show that the majority of employees are not happy in their current job situation.

Are you an engaged employee? If so, you are highly productive, provide excellent customer service, and demonstrate long-term loyalty.

Are you a disengaged employee? If so, you likely demonstrate low-productivity, poor customer service and disloyalty.

Ok, one more time - are you fully engaged in your job? If more than 17% of you raise your hands, somebody is lying! According to recent research, only an estimated 17% of employees demonstrate an attitude of engagement. The eye-opening, downward trend reveals that in 2002, 23% of workers were engaged and committed to their jobs.

The most recent Gallup survey discovered these actively disengaged employees cost the country more than $3.6 billion a year in lost productivity.

The survey also found that actively disengaged employees are less likely to stay with their employers, with only 23 percent of them planning to remain over the next 12 months. Those who do stay may be more of a liability than an asset. Gallup’s research also found that disengaged employees are significantly less likely to recommend their company’s workplace, products, and services.

Ok – enough mind-numbing statistics. Let’s ask the real question…are you a fully engaged recruiter? Are you adding value to your customer’s business or are you doing your share to drive up the $3.6 billion in lost productivity?

Feeling a little less engaged these days? It might be time to evaluate your position on the ship. Unlike the days of Ben Hur, guards armed with whips are not forcing you to keep your hands on the oar. If your current employer is not the place for you, then change ships and become a part of the 17% who are actively engaged and positively influencing their customer’s business.

Row well and live –be engaged. Your customer’s ship deserves that level of dedication, and your back needs the break.

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