Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Live Long and Prosper...Seriously

BusinesssWeek - June 27th, 2005, p.84

Thinking about retirement? Even though my gray hair says one thing, I've got a looong way to go before I even get to that thought process. But here's an interesting read about working & living longer:

"There's growing evidence that people who work during the years typically spent in retirement live longer, healthier, and more independent lives than those who do not."

Dr. Jochanan Stessman, head of the geriatric and rehab department of Hadassah-Hebrew University Medical Center in Jerusalem, says, "There's a strong argument for continuing to work throughout life."

Does that mean you have to remain in a full-time job or career track to reap the health & longevity benefits? No. According to a study at the University of Michigan and National Taiwan University, just 100 hours per year of work is all it takes!

What does this mean to recruiters?

Go for the gray - we're likely to find some smart cookies out there who are willing to give up their poolside retreat for some boardroom challenges. Here's a few places to get us started:

Retired Brains - retiredbrains.com
Senior Job Bank - seniorjobbank.org
The Next Chapter - civicventures.org
The Phoenix Link - thephoenixlink.com
YOURENCORE - yourencore.com

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