Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Cowboy as a Career?

Ok, one more career-related story from the Wall Street Journal. And, a possible point of interest for those recruiters who have tired of working for lots of $$, long hours, and world-renowned recognition. I suppose I'm getting a little carried away here.

No link on this one, so you'll actually have to grab the MarketPlace section of today's WSJ - B1.

I also need to take this opportunity to squash a rumor that has surfaced as a result of a blog on ERE today. No, Steve Levy has not traded his HR/Recruiting life for a set of spurs and moved to the high country of Idaho to live as a buckaroo. Fortunately for us, he'll most likely surface in a different pasture (still without spurs) where he'll continue to serve as an HR/Recruiting blog provocateur.

Stay tuned.

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