Friday, May 06, 2005

Samsung's Top-Secret Justice League

"Yes we are done with the C - D - M - A....!" Sung to the tune of Village People's "YMCA."

Noting that their only North American customer was a small regional carrier (Leap Wireless), Ericsson bids adieu to CDMA - check out the latest article in -

Consider this a shout-out to all those Ericsson employees in San Diego who desire to work for the company in North America that is soon to be recognized as the #1 maker of cell phones. Here's your offical invitation to join the Samsung Super-heros - email me at Check out our company at Call me at 972.761.7063.

Here's a few of the Super-heros on our radar:

BATMAN, otherwise known as "Sr. Data Application Engineer," who will be working in our Product Management department. Batman's super-hero toolbelt consists of: wireless handset or PDA experience, MMS, Camera, WAP, Syncml DS/DM, and IM.

SUPERMAN, otherwise known as "Device Driver & Low Level Expert." Superman will be a vital part of our Wireless Terminals Lab. Utilizing his super-strength, SUPERMAN will work with a team of engineers to design, develop and test various device drivers for advanced, multimedia capable commercial CDMA phones. The Caped-Crusader will also contribute to other research oriented projects aimed at enhancing the current middle ware platform (built on proprietary platform), SDK, Simulation Tools, etc.

Like any super-hero, his skills are versatile. However, this super-hero has in depth expertise in C, C++ and ARM Assembly language. He's also an expert in writing bootloaders, boot ROMs, USB/UART download methods. But don't stop there! He has knowledge of OS initialization for one or more RTOSes, Standard C library initialization, and runtime support for C++ (Standard C++ library for embedded systems).

Being that he's Superman, he's able to "bring up" JTAG downloads with with a single bound; more powerful than a ARM Assembly locomotive; and faster than a speeding 802.11 protocol. Not to mention he can slam down a Grande Carmel SIP Latte in a single gulp.

Next on the list?

WONDERWOMAN, who, because of her superior knowledge and skills in most fields, could do the work of Batman and Superman with her powerful biceps tied behind her back. Wonderwoman will have to work with an alias to disguise her identity, so we're going to call her a "Terminal Performance Engineer." In the Product Development team, she will be responsible for the performance of engineering duties for the proactive testing and evaluation of wireless CDMA handset products and related accessories primarily at STA and customer locations.

When she's not busy embarrasing the men, she'll be conducting test cases, including CDG testing, and perform accessory and terminal product testing. She will also customize and use established engineering and product test specifications, methods and test procedures to evaluate pre-production wireless products and accessories as well as the resolution of post-launched technical issues. Wonderwoman will interface proactively and effectively with covert overseas manufacturing engineering teams, as well as the top-secret US field support team and other lab members. But remember, all of this is a secret - so please don't tell anybody.

And finally, rounding out our team of heros...CAPTAIN AMERICA.

Captain America represents the pinnacle of human physical perfection. Therfore, it is only fitting that he join Samsung Telecommunications America as a "CDMA Protocol Engineer (Voice)," in our Wireless Terminals Lab.

He will work with a team of engineers to develop advanced, multimedia capable commercial CDMA phones for the North American market. The work will involve designing, enhancing TAPI interfaces, optimizations for packet data throughput.

What is the Captain hiding behind his shield?

Outstanding C (and C++) programming skills for embedded devices; strong knowledge of CDMA2000 standards (from the perspective of mobile terminals); experience implementing L2/L3 of CDMA2000; and an ability to debug and fix bugs in 3rd party CDMA2000 protocol stacks.

It goes without saying that the Captain has relevant knowledge of CDMA certification requirements and compliance tests.

Ok Super Heros - it's time to come out of the closet! You are the few good men/women that we want. No more hiding behind closed fire-walls and secret organizations. We want you on that wall - we need you on that wall. That's the crystal clear truth. If you can handle it, call me.


Dennis Smith
Seeker of Samsung Super-Heros

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