Friday, May 27, 2005

Recruiting Muse

Sometime back in the ‘90’s world of recruiting, I worked for a recruiting manager (Ginny Eagle) who had enough cutting-edge-recruiting-warrior-craziness in her to invite a guest speaker to our annual recruiting conference. I’d never heard of the guy, but Ginny had, and she was nuts about him and his recruiting philosophy.

The recruiting conference arrives and out steps this goateed-hipster by the name of Michael McNeal. He's carrying a bag of Dilbert/Catbert squishy-things and throwing them all over the room while asking tough questions about metrics, manpower planning, reducing attrition, and decreasing time to hire.

Michael’s passion for recruiting was infectious and his McNealism’s, although catchy, made sense. He was the first one to tell us (ok, the first one to tell me), “If you are going to be a recruiter that provides world-class service to your customer, you’ve got to flip your time investment. Invest on the front end (customer), to save time on the back end (hire).”

Raving-goateed-sailboat man, Michael McNeal (better known for rocking the recruiting world during his stint with Cisco), changed my thinking about recruiting. And it worked.

So this is my ode to a couple of people that helped pave the way.

Thanks Ginny - for not being content to dog-paddle in the status-quo waters of recruiting.

Thanks Michael – for taking your passion and message to the masses. You were/are a terrific evangelist for recruiting-change, and taught us that we could be world-class recruiters…even while sitting on a sailboat.

So, recruiter; who is your recruiting muse?

Dennis Smith, talentblogger

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Anonymous said...

I have always felt inspired by a guy named Dennis Smith. Not only was he a darn good recruiter and a fantastic boss, he was also a good friend!

MK said...

Anthony J Meaney.

Anonymous said...

Peter Leffkowitz is the recruiting muse I learned the most from.

From teaching basic NLP, getting around gatekeepers, maximizing the recruiting call, maximizing the interview call to even how great and high billing recruiters build and structure their day Leffkowitz is genius.

His presentations and style are hugely entertaining and until you have heard him bounce through a corporation to get their org chart live on stage in front of a large room full of recruiters you haven't lived. He makes cold calls live to show you the art.

For my money he's the man!