Thursday, March 17, 2005

ERE: Corporate Recruiting Member of the Week...

Ok, I'll admit, any good recruiter is a sucker for the limelight. When I received an email from Ronda Campbell (Recruiter-Sourcer, The Campbell Group - UNBUNDLED Executive Search ) about submitting a bio for the "ERE - Member of the Week" group, I hesitated about 3 seconds before sending a reply email. Maybe I had selfish reasons for accepting her offer, but I really like what Ronda is doing for the recruiting community.

We spend a lot of hours writing about the technical aspects of recruiting and how to make it/do it better. Ronda's forum gives us an opportunity to take a few minutes and peek behind the mask of all those recruiting crazies that spend their precious spare time attempting to raise the recruiting bar.

Hats off to Ronda - thanks for investing yourself in a worthy cause.

Now, back to me (after all, this is my blog ; )

I've pasted my "member of the week" bio below, which Ronda posted at:{6111CC92-C81C-4C05-A527-53D3F0247AB2}

Please take a minute and peruse the other bio's - there's some terrific people in the group and you never might find somebody you want to recruit to your team!

Most bio's (esp mine) are full of more minutiae than you really care to know, but like I said, what passionate recruiter can pass up a little free pub?

See you down the road,


ERE - Corporate Recruiting Member of the Week:

Dennis Smith is the Sr. Recruiting Manager at Samsung Telecommunications America (STA), in Dallas, Texas. STA researches, develops and markets a variety of personal and business communications products throughout North America including handheld wireless phones, wireless communications infrastructure systems, fiber optics and enterprise communication systems. Smith leads the engineering and executive recruitment efforts for this division as they daily pursue the best and brightest in the telecommunications industry, endearing them to join a global organization whose goal is to become the most admired electronics company in the world by 2010.

Smith launched his recruiting career with an agency in ’96, spending a year with Imprimis Group before joining AT&T Wireless in ’97. The next seven years focused on the recruitment of senior-level RF Engineers and I/T professionals. Smith attributes his chief accomplishments to the time he spent at AT&T Wireless, rubbing shoulders with a team of the best recruiting warriors in the business!

Smith has been married 19 years and 9 months to Katherine Rasmussen, and has spent the last few years chasing baseballs, footballs, softballs, volley and soccer balls for the five beautiful children that round out the Smith family. An educated and experienced RN, Katherine’s days are now filled with the management of the political/financial/medical affairs associated with navigating the spiritual/emotional/physical destiny of five future leaders, who will one day be highly recruited and sought after by the generation of folks that frequent (Go Smiths!).

A resident of Plano, Texas, Smith is an enthusiastic committee-level participant at Shepard Elementary (Go Patriots!), where three of his children spend the majority of their waking hours in preparation for their turn at the White House. Smith is a member of the Dallas/Ft. Worth Recruiter’s Network, and an avid participant and disciple of the Electronic Recruiting Exchange (Go Recruiters! Or, as we like to call them at Samsung, “Investment Bankers”).

A native Oklahoman, Smith spent the first 18 years of his life in the bustling metropolis of Pauls Valley, where he proudly wore the red/black of his alma mater (Go Panthers!). Smith earned his undergraduate degree in public administration from the University of Texas at Dallas, and an MBA in Organizational Development from the University of Dallas.

Career aspirations will lead Smith to pursue a livelihood in executive search with an organization savvy enough to ruse out his MSN IM…in case you need some help, it’s dennissmithtx (AIM).


Dennis Smith

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