Thursday, December 02, 2004

Let's be honest...recruiting can be G, B & U!

Recruiting is good - we love it because we're bull-headed, competition-driven warriors that love a challenge and the thrill of the hunt/fight/close. Recruiting is bad - too many requisitions - candidates - bad managers. Recruiting is ugly - (ditto everything from "Bad"), plus - comp issues that lose the great candidates - bad relo plans - managers that ask illegal questions - resumes written by 3rd graders - ever-changing job descriptions - ever-changing job market......and candidates who use our pictures as a dart-board.

But hey, when you are hooked on recruiting you find a way to overlook the bad and the ugly and you keep plowing...hunting...closing. The good comes along unexpectedly...the greatest hire of the year - the positive ROI - the improved hiring metrics - "exceeds expectations" on my customer's satisfaction survey. Is that still enough?

C'mon recruiters - here's your dumping ground. What's working for you? What's not working? Share some ideas - some frustrations - some victories - some defeats. Let's learn from each other.


Unknown said...

Ahhhh, okay! I need two things... two tools:

1. I need a tool that scouts the world and provides me with email addresses and phone numbers for the best and brightest people ... those that have the foresight to be able to stay at a job for more than 30 days!

2. The second tool would be a be-all-of-existence TEST that would quantify in a single test score the predictability (reliability) and validity of tool number one (described above)...

Dennis Smith said...

Kenneth - working on number two and should have it completed by the time our children are conducting real-time interviews using their cellphones. The first one will take a little longer. I hear your words - sense your frustrations - and I share them.