Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Job boards, job boards, everywhere a job board!

Is it just me or are all job boards starting to run together these days? Most seem to contain the same promises and it's difficult to see much difference between the function and flow for the average user. Is there a place for job boards? Sure. Since we're all searching for the competitive edge, they are difficult to live without. I've found one lately that I'm in the process of trialing ~ Jason Gorham is the CEO ~ good guy with bookoo experience and he'll gladly stir up a tour for you. Here's what I like about it so far - at least in's an online job board (just like the others - you can search resumes and place ad's), but they also create custom marketing/advertising solutions for their clients, attempting to target the ads on sites where candidates spend a majority of their time. Like I said, I'm still in the wait-n-see mode, but it makes perfect sense. You might want to check it out ~ Motorola and eBay have already taken the hook. My employer (Samsung Telecommunications America) is willing to bet that it will soon turn in to something akin to the other big boards - like I said, aren't we all looking for the competitive edge?

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